Qué es frenda

Es una casa ubicada en pleno corazón de Laureles, un clásico y tranquilo barrio en la ciudad de Medellín, Colombia. Un espacio destinado a experiencias culturales propias de los nómadas digitales, donde el ingrediente principal es la creatividad, el arte y la sana convivencia en un ambiente casero y agradable.

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Tatiana Lozano

Hola! Soy Tatiana; emprendedora y project manager a tiempo completo. Soy Co-manager y residente de la #frendahouse. Me apasiona la diversidad cultural que aporta mi casa-colectivo y tener la oportunidad de intercambiar ideas, proyectos, e intereses con otros frendas. En la #frendahouse queremos, ante todo, motivar e impulsar la mentalidad emprendedora, creativa e innovadora de todos aquellos que nos visitan. El mundo es una comunidad global y la #frendahouse se une a esa comunidad con la responsabilidad de crear un futuro lleno de éxitos.


Hola soy Marcel, fundador, manager y residente de la #FrendaHouse. Espero hacer de tu paso por esta casa una experiencia diferente. La Frenda es un espacio concebido para el trabajo, la convivencia, el arte y la creatividad. Es hogar de paso para digital nomads, freelancers y toda clase de personalidades que hacen parte de un mundo más abierto, diverso y global. Siempre eres bienvenido en la #FrendaHouse.


Después de pasar por la #Frendahouse eres un #Frenda para siempre

I have Marcel and Tatianna to thank for helping to make my experience living in Medellín a wonderful one! They treat me like family, and they treat my friends and family like family as well.

The house has a wonderful cozy atmosphere, a prime location, a great kitchen, a nice outside space, a washer and dryer, and two kittens to play with.

I would recommend this space to any digital nomads or travelers looking for a tranquil and comfortable home with friendly people in a vibrant city.


FrendaHouse is a really cool place to live and work. What I like about this place is that I’m not only surrounded by Gringos, but local people as well. The location in the heart of Laureles is just perfect with a lot of nice cafés for a coffee break or a menú del día very close by.

But we also use the spacious kitchen to cook and spend time together. I’m very happy that I found #FrendaHouse here in Medellín.


Working at Frenda doesn’t feel like work! I’ve met so many great people here and shared ideas and experiences with foreigners and Colombians alike. Marcel and Tatiana are also super welcoming and helpful. 100% recommend the House.

Tobias Pettigrew / DIGITAL COPY WRITER

Living at Frenda was a great way to jump start our lives in Medellin. Tatiana and Marcel were very helpful and made getting set up in this beautiful city so much easier!

The location of the house is perfect, situated in the heart of Laureles. We highly recommend Frenda as the best place to co-work and co-live.

Jess Hopkins & Caleb Strange


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